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1) Register from the home page and specify:

- Your profile

- Your company/organisation

- Your program for the day

2) Once your registration request has been validated by an organizer, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to your personal account.

3) Click on this link to login and enter your password

4) Once connected to your account, you will be able to manage your time availability, see other participants, manage your B2B appointments, follow your requests, download your daily schedule...


Once connected, you can view your dashboard, it allows you to follow in real time:

- the number of companies registered in the Open and that you can meet at a B2B meeting

- the number of appointment requests received and sent

- access to your participating profile

- access to your company profile

- the number of appointment requests to be processed

- the number of scheduled appointments

- the number of blocked appointments

- the number of available slots


I forgot or can't find my password

When you are on: https://b2b.opendelinternational.com/fr/user/login, click on the "Request a new password" button. We will send you an email with all the necessary information to reset your password.

I would like to modify my availability or the sessions I have chosen

It is very important that you define your time availability when you register. These time slots will determine the slots available for your B2B appointments.

Click on the "Profile" menu and then "Modify my availability". You can modify your registration for the different sessions of the day that interest you (workshops, country focus, best practices...) and choose the time slots where you are available.

I would like to modify my profile information

Click on the "Profile" menu and then "Edit Participant Profile". You can modify the different fields you have filled in for the registration form: title, surname, first name, function, password, email address, profile picture and telephone number.

I would like to change my company's information

Click on the "Profile" menu and then "Edit company profile".

NB: If you are part of a company with several colleagues participating in the Open and having registered individually, it is the content completed when the first participant registered that is taken into account even if you have provided different or additional information during your registration. Your participant records are merged for a single structure. However, you will be able to modify it as you wish, and in agreement with your colleagues, after the validation of your account.

I would like to register one of my colleagues

Click on the "Profile" menu and then "Register a collaborator".

I would like to participate in the workshops but not in B2B meetings

If you wish to participate in the various workshops of the day but not in B2B meetings, you must complete the registration form like the other participants. You will be able to choose the different workshops, country focus and exchanges of best practices that interest you via the registration form.

After validating your form and after your account has been validated by an organizer, you will have access to your personal account and to the management of B2B appointments.

If you do not wish to make any B2B appointment, manage your hourly availability by clicking on the "Profile" menu then "Modify my availability" or from the "Planning" menu then "Modify my availability".

If you receive an appointment request, you can directly refuse it and you can also uncheck the box "Receive appointment request notifications" from the "Profile" menu and then "Edit participant profile".

I want to see and process my pending appointment requests

Click on the "Participants" menu and then "Process received requests".

 I want to see the list of my accepted appointments

Click on the "Participants" menu then "Track my requests" to see your requests accepted. You can also view all your appointments via the "Planning" menu and then "My appointments".